Social Islami Bank Limited

Social Islami Bank Limited offer the most up-to date banking services in Bangladesh. Social Islami Bank Limited offer  various types of deposit and investment accounts, financing trade, providing letters of guarantee, opening letters of credit, collection of bills effecting domestic and international transfer, leasing of equipment and consumer durables, hire purchase and installment sale for capital goods, investment in low-cost housing and management of real estates, participatory investment in various industrial, agricultural , transport, educational and health projects and so on. Social Islami Bank Ltd started its journey with the concept of 21st Century Islamic participatory three sector banking model:

  • Formal Sector- Commercial Banking with latest technology;
  • Non-Formal Sector – Family Empowerment Micro-Credit & Micro-enterprise program and
  • Voluntary Sector – Social Capital mobilization through CASH WAQF and others.

Social Islami Bank Limited e-age Banking

The Social Islami Bank Limited  has introduced Online Banking amongst 64 branches of Social Islami Bank LImited through which our customers have access to their access from another branch.

Social Islami Bank Limited Micro Investment Scheme

Family Empowerment Micro-Credit Program:

Family Empowerment Micro-Credit Program is designed to develop the Socio-economic condition of the grass-root people committed to build a caring society by reducing poverty through income generation for small and low-income families, under which financing is provided without collateral.

Social Islami Bank Limited Head Office Address
103, Motijheel Commercial Area, City Center,


Phone : 09612001122
E-mail :  ,

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